This is probably a bad idea, but here goes…

“DON”T READ! or Write your own BLOG ! This one is mine and my opinion and I force no one to read or agree.” –Gerry Nutter, January 20, 2012

Well I finally went ahead and did it.  After years of reading and commenting on Lowell area blogs, I have started one of my own* But to call this a real blog would be a disservice to the industry.  I don’t intend to post all that often and certainly won’t be in the same league as leftinlowell or gerrynutter when it comes to my sources.  I am, just an ordinary Lowell Resident, and my opinions are mine and mine alone.  I have been called a coward by a 50-year-old man who acts like he’s in high school (and spells like he’s in 2nd grade) because I choose to let my observations and opinions stand for themselves by using a pseudonym.  That gentleman said that if I don’t like his opinion I shouldn’t read and should start my own blog.  So I’m taking him up on his challenge.  Since most of my comments are often waaay too long it should be for the best.  But first some introduction of what I intend to do here.

1. Keep my pseudonym.  One day on leftinlowell, I needed a name to post under and I put “Lowell Resident,” never intending to become a frequent flyer.  Believe me, if I did, I would have picked a more interesting name!  But maybe there is beauty in simplicity and boringness.  I am just one lifelong Lowell resident who cares about my city and wanted to contribute to the new media landscape that I feel is tremendously important and helpful to this community.  I have my reasons for not putting my name out there.  Bottom line is nobody that has asked my name online knows me in real life and really why would it matter?  There were some other anonymous bloggers through the years with ugly and demeaning blogs.  I won’t mention their names because they are trash, and this will not be one of them. Some anonymous commentators are disgraceful, and that will get me to my second point.

2. No Character Assassination!  This really is my number one policy.  Because to me, it doesn’t matter if you have a pseudonym or you put your real name out there, the real poison is in the words that are used after you identify yourself.  It was my objection to the character assassination of a new city councilor being undertaken by one Mr. Nutter that inspired me to start this blog.  That and despite calling me a coward, the aforementioned blogger refused to allow my response to show up on his comments.  A response that, believe it or not, was actually mostly complimentary of Mr. Nutter’s (and others) efforts throughout the years. I just disapproved of his false forced comparison he had made earlier.  And while I try to stick only to public facts in critiquing public figures, I want to openly apologize to any public figure I was unduly harsh on through the years in my comments.  I especially will not Mr. John Macdonald and Mr. Rodney Elliot.  I do not agree with them on their ideas or their campaign strategies but I will try to cut it on my snarkiness because I do respect them for their contributions to the city and I would hope they, like myself, also are more interested in the welfare of the City of Lowell than the glory of public recogniton.   

3. I admit when I am wrong, and any critiques are welcome.  Personal attacks on me aren’t appreciated but I will try to have a thicker skin than others.  I know I have made mistakes and instead of flipping out and insulting people who don’t like my opinions, I will take their views into consideration and will have a measured response and hopefully a well thought out debate.

4. In the interest of fairness, I will only use publicly available information.  Since I am using a pseudonym, it wouldnt be fair for me to divulge any information I learn throughout my travels in Lowell.  If it ends up here, it will be through the wonderful world of google, the archives or any other public sort of data unless its generic in nature.  And it will be cited and sourced.  I’m not interested in hurting anyone unfairly.  I’ve seen people post information about family members in the comments section, I say come with a news article or some other verified source or don’t come at all.

Anyways, hopefully, despite the rather ridiculous reasons for starting this blog, I may be eventually will be able to contribute a little bit.  I think the blogosphere in Lowell is amazing, leftinlowell, richardhowe and gerrynutter are probably my 3 most visited sites and of the more politically orientated sites, I really appreciate what they do.  That includes Mr. Nutter, even though he thinks I called him a racist.  I said he made a lazy comparison. But if thats how he treats his loyal readers who dare call him out with a critique, so be it.  I’d like to thank the folks at leftinlowell for having the “testosterone or courage of their convictions” to banter with me even when we disagree.

And while I admit, I am looking to settle a minor score here initially, I really just want to have a little fun with this.  Like I tried to say in my disallowed comment, you can choose to take me seriously or not.  You don’t know, I could be a PhD student with a long history of activity in the Lowell community activitiy or I could be a sixteen year old girl who actually doesnt care for Twilight or I could be a bitter old man who just likes to complain. You don’t know.   But thats the beauty of anonymity.  Let the arguments stand for themselves.



17 Responses to This is probably a bad idea, but here goes…

  1. Jack Mitchell says:

    Welcome. The water is much like that of our river. But, the seasonal fluctuations are on an hourly basis.

    • Thanks Jack. I’m still going to let you guys steer the conversation for the most part, I’ll just jump in when I have a unique angle…or whenever I get blocked out from sharing my opinions elsewhere 😉

  2. Dick Howe says:

    Welcome and congratulations on launching your own blog. Best of luck with it.

    • Thanks Dick, I appreciate it. While I comment more on the other more politically-oriented blogs, I’ve been a loyal reader of yours for a long time and think its the best place to find information about whats going on in the city. There are a lot of other good ones too but I think your blog has a great of variety of content that I find useful and of quality. When I thanked Lynne for being one of the early adopters of new media in Lowell, she rightfully deferred to you and I second that opinion that your efforts are also very important. Lowell is better with a vibrant new media community and I would like to contribute to it in a just a very little way going forward. Thank you!

  3. Mr. Lynne says:

    Welcome. I hear you about the pseudonym. I chose my moniker when I first commented on my wife’s blog (which had been in business for a while before I did). I chose it merely to disclose any conflict of interest right there in my nickname rather than have to inform newcomers every time I post. Of course for many without a clue it was some kind of admission that I am ‘whipped’. I actually posted under my real name on Nutter, thinking that he meant it when he said he wasn’t going to allow anonymous nick names.

  4. Remember in November says:

    Welcome. I hope you have fun with your new endeavor and I hope you stay true to your original intent. With any luck, we’ve found a legitimate place for discourse and disagreement, without being told “my blog-my rules” or “the internet is a big place”. As a fellow “coward” I appreciate a place where more focus is placed on the merits of an opinion than on the identity of its writer.

    Thank you also to Dick Howe for helping publicize and point us in the direction of another local blog option.

    Good luck LR

  5. Jack Mitchell says:

    The internet is a big place. Based on LR’s reference to BMG, “City of Lowell’s EB3???,” some exploring has been had.

    We could use an EB3. The Shallot went too far.

    • Just for the record, I have no idea of who Ernie Boch’s grandson is, I just admire his work:) And since he consistently has the best stuff on BMG, I say score one for the anonymous. I don’t have anything like his sources either, so perhaps I’m overselling myself. Glad you caught it, though!

    • Remember in November says:

      The Shallot went exactly as far as your home field blog. Foul language, personal attacks and disrespect of people based on a difference of opinions is as commmon on LiL as it was on the Shallot. The only difference is the Shallot didn’t block comments. He played a rough form of hardball and was willing to dish out and take. That’s a lot more than can be said for your home field blog, and now Nutter too.

      • Honestly, I didn’t care for the Shallot, and I don’t want to be considered in the same category. It did cross my mind when deciding to step up from anonymous commenter to anonymous (and i stress this) part-time blogger. Gerry is right that some people do attack people and hide behind a pseudonym. I won’t. I don’t think leftinlowell is in the same category either, although they certainly play hardball. I may have the occasional snark or sarcasm but for the most part, I’m going to be respectful of the actual people in question. I will “attack” ideas and statements but not people. The Shallot, to me it seemed, attacked people and I don’t like that. Thats actually why I really prefer just to comment because most of my comments are defending people who I feel have been unjustly attacked or criticizing ideas or points of view I feel are flawed. So please don’t expect me to be the new shallot or even Ernie Boch III. I’m too much of a mr. nice guy at heart. I do seriously welcome anyone to challenge if I don’t live up to my stated goals. Too many good people are trashed for being in the public eye. I’m not going to contribute to that.

  6. Joe Smith says:

    Happy to see another option – welcome!

  7. JC says:

    Welcome! I like the tone of your introductory post, your stated intentions, and your first serious piece of work on Nutter/Nuon. I hope your impulse to blog turns into a passion. So glad you welcome anonymous comments. There are many legitimate reasons why people need to post anonymously. I’ve always felt that if comments present a legitimate point of view, add to the discussion, and are not abusive – they should be welcome! I’ll be dropping by now and then. Good luck!

  8. Paul@01852 says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I like your comments and constructive and accurate commentary both here and on the other blogs in the city.

    I also have problems with Gerry Nutter and have deliberately avoided comments on his blog, originally due to his revealing a posters’ email addresses which if you check his blog the policy is specifically stated that they will NOT be published (or at least that was the policy then). Since then there have been other reasons including his banning of comments specifically because he disagrees with them as he did in your case.

    I look forward to your posts as infrequent as they might be. Most often I do not reply to posts unless I feel I have something relevant and unique to contribute. (And I hate “me too-ers”!) There are much better thinkers and writers than I in the local blogosphere and I defer to them most times.

    Good luck in your new endeavors.

  9. Prince Charming says:

    Glad you’re here. You should have a pseudonym-only rule here just to stick your finger in someone’s eye. Keep ’em flying and keep your spellcheck on.

  10. Mimi says:


    This is good news. Keep it up.

  11. Kristin Ross-Sitcawich says:

    Welcome to the Blog Pond!

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